Policy and legislation

Public Relations Advisory Committee

The PR Advisory Committee’s main task is that of protecting the reputation of the cruise industry in the media as well as ensuring a steady flow of positive stories about the industry. To this effect, the Subcommittee’s work is organised horizontally, focusing on a range of relevant newsworthy topics such as safety, the environment, the industry’s economic contribution, and consumer affairs. This structure allows for much greater consistency of messaging and for proactive, targeted and coordinated delivery of key messages. 

The PR Advisory Committee groups Public Relations and communication representatives from the major cruise companies operating in Europe and communication agencies working with CLIA across the continent, ensuring that local sensitivities are respected and that nuances in messaging can be leveraged to the industry’s advantage without departing from the agreed line to take.

Joint Chairs: Luca Biondolillo, MSC Cruises & Ukko metsola, Royal Caribbean Cruises