About us

CLIA Europe is an independent, not for profit trade association funded by annual subscriptions from cruise lines and executive partners.

CLIA Europe promotes the interests of cruise ship operators within Europe, liaising closely with the EU Institutions and the European media. CLIA Europe also promotes cruising to a wider public audience to encourage expansion of the European cruise market and works closely with a range of other stakeholders, including the wider shipping industry, cruise ports, and travel agents. These include ECSA, ECTAA, and ETOA.

Mission statement

The strategic aims of CLIA Europe are:

  • To promote the interests of cruise operators with the EU institutions in all matters of shipping policy and ship operations
  • To promote cruising by the European public and encourage expansion of the European cruise market

To this end CLIA Europe will:

  • Encourage high standards of operation and the provision of high quality and efficient shipping services.
  • Strive for an EU regulatory environment that supports safe shipping operations and protection of the environment, and that recognises the international dimension of the sector and the roles played by IMO/ILO in particular.
  • Work for the elimination of barriers to trade and for an EU regulatory environment that will foster the continued growth of the cruise sector in Europe.
  • Raise the profile of the cruise sector with the EU Institutions in relation to its economic and social contribution to Europe.
  • Promote cruising with the general public and the travel trade as a reliable, affordable and enjoyable holiday experience.
  • Co-operate with the EU institutions and non-governmental organisations in the pursuit of these objectives.
  • Anticipate whenever possible and respond wherever appropriate to policies and actions which conflict with the above.