mercy ships  

Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) has selected Mercy Ships as a Charity of Choice.  Through this partnership, CLIA will work with Mercy Ships to further endorse their efforts to deliver healthcare to developing nations. As a Charity of Choice, CLIA will bring awareness to the mission and efforts of Mercy Ships to CLIA members globally. Mercy Ships operates floating hospitals that provide training for medical professionals, along with curative surgical interventions. The partnership will help Mercy Ships gain increased visibility in the cruise industry as well as collaborate with CLIA and its members on future efforts.

Mercy Ships uses hospital ships to deliver free, world-class health care services, capacity building and sustainable development to those without access in the developing world. Mercy Ship volunteers have been able to operate across the globe. A few examples include:

81,000 life-changing operations such as cleft lip and palate repair, cataract removal, orthopedic procedures, facial reconstruction and obstetric fistula repair

377,000 dental procedures

Training 5,900 local teachers

Training for 37,400 local professionals in their area of expertise (anesthesiology, midwifery, sterilization, orthopedic and reconstructive surgery, leadership)

Basic health care education classes for 193,000 local people

1,100 community development projects focusing on water and sanitation, education, infrastructure development and agriculture

To learn more about Mercy Ships Health Systems Strengthening in Sub-Saharan Africa, please click here to learn more.

To learn more about our involvement with Mercy Ships, please see our press release.